Monday, February 23, 2009

Reservations Starting Soon for Luna's Litter

I am actually running a bit behind on this litter, so I apologize in advance. Today I plan to get individual pictures of Luna's litter and start contacting those on the Wait List to get this litter reserved. Of course, before reservations officially start, a Wait List Updates email will be sent out to those on the Wait List. :)

These babies are doing really well. Their eyes began to open on Saturday, and all 9 are very active and exploring their nursery cage.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Luna's Litter Has Arrived!

Luna delivered a litter of 9 on February 6, 2009. There are 6 boys and just 3 girls. All 9 babies are doing very well, and Luna is a wonderful mother. For more information and pictures of this litter, please check out their litter page:

Pick Ups are starting this week for the current litter - Cama Vertigo SERR x Cama Calypso SERR. If you have babies reserved and have not yet finalized your pick up date and time, please email me asap.

I have updated the Planned Breedings page, as well as added a new page - Male or Female? Determining Gender. This last page is still a work in progress, so look for updates coming soon. :)