Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Change of Plans...

So, there has been a bit of a change in plans. As you all know, Calypso and Jitterbug were both placed with Vertigo on Dec. 20th. Last night, Jitterbug went back into heat - so the breeding did not take. Since this was the second try with Vertigo, I decided to place Jitterbug with Zen instead. They were together overnight, and if this breeding takes, we will have babies on or around the 27th.

Calypso so far is about the same. At this point I am unsure of if she is pregnant or not. Being this close to her due date, she should have a nice, rounded belly - but so far she does not. I have not noticed her go back into heat, so I will be watching her closely over the next few days. If she does go back into heat, she will be placed back in with Vertigo. ;)

Please keep your fingers crossed!! :)

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